Sunday, February 04, 2007

Progress, in small steps

ORN: 3 miles, R3/W2

Was Wednesday morning a turning point?

On Monday’s run, I ended up walking the 3rd of my 3 miles. The ITB just hurt too badly. Ever the process geek, I did the “adjust” bit of Demming’s Plan-Do-Check-Adjust cycle and decided to shift my run/walk ratio from 4/1 to 3/2.

On Tuesday evening, I noted the old excitement was back. “I get to run in the morning!” which is what I’m used to feeling after a day off. I bounced out of bed at 5:15, dressed according to my
temperature chart and bounded out the door. The nearly-full moon had not yet set and it cast a wonderful light on the cold ground.

I got the run in with the 3/2 ratio, though the last half mile was tough. Yet, for a while, I actually found my mind NOT sensing the ITB.

On Friday, I did the same thing and felt a little stronger at the end. However, I asked myself if I could do a fourth mile. The answer was clearly no. Perhaps importantly, during the day Friday, my knee did not hurt as badly as it did during the day on Wednesday.

So today, Sunday, out I went again, with a -10 wind chill. Same routine. And I felt stronger at the end. Could I run a fourth mile? The answer today would be a tentative yes.

12 miles this week. And, for the first time since September, I had two consecutive weeks of regular running. My log was striking on this count. And this regularity is huge for me, mentally. I just love getting out the door and running. Even if I’m in a run/walk mode, even if it is for far shorter time and distance than I’d like.

Coach Demming has me continuing on this PDCA plan this week of running every other day. Tuesday and Thursday will continue the 3 miles at 3/2. Saturday, we’ll shoot for 4 miles at 3/2.

Off to a Super Bowl party. We’re halfway between Chicago and Indianapolis, so the town is split. Me?? I’m pulling for Da Bears.


Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Go Bears! Thaks for your comments. Sorry to hear the IT is still nagging. I am also sorry I didn't get back to you about where Iplace the kinesio tape on my IT. I statrt below the knee and run it up to mid-thigh along the IT. I wear it for about 3 days. For the 50K, I put it on Friday night and will take it off Monday morning. It really helps aid in recovery. Hope this week goes better and you are able to increase your mileage.

Wes said...

I have complete confidence that things are just going to get better and better, despite a few steps back! You have perseverance, after all.

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like you are making great gains! Enjoy your super bowl party! I too will be enjoying it!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you are turning the corner towards recovery! I know that feeling where you wonder if you'll ever run normally again. I hope this next week is a positive one for you too!

David said...

slow and steady puts a smile on your face.

Backofpack said...

I can feel the cheer in your post! I hope the recovery continues. I think it's great that you are willing to make adjustments - for so many runners, it becomes an all or none proposition. I'm with you - I'll adjust and adjust to make it work. Way to go!

Darrell said...

Little by little, you will get through this thing. I looks like you've found the combination of factors that works for now. Its always the hard part to resist tweaking the process too soon.

Lisa got a good laugh and a grimace on you closet organization!

susie said...

Keep up the good work and have patience. A stellar week for you!! You'll be back to full mileage in no time. Watch the cold weather, though.

WADDLER26.2 said...

SOunds like you are heading the right direction- too bad about the Bears but atleast it was a team from the midwest.