Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In the teeth of the storm

ORN: Sunday; 2 miles, R2/W2
Monday; 3 miles, R3/W2
Tuesday: Cross training—“upper body, lower back”

The big snow storm moving across the Midwest caught our fair city square today. We’ll have 16” on the ground by the time it is over…I’ve already seen 4’ drifts and the wind is still blowing.

With the snow set to start around 2am Tuesday, I decided Monday evening would be a real good time to get in my scheduled Tuesday morning run. I told my wife it would likely be the last time we’d see pavement for a while. The run went well. The run/walk deal seems to be sitting well for me, both physically and psychologically.

Interestingly, the Monday run actually marked three consecutive days running. I’m now settling into a Tuesday/Thursday/ Saturday/Sunday running week. I’ll ease the long run up by one mile each week on Saturday, run half that length on Tues/Thurs and do a short run on Sunday. With the snow-inspired night run, I ran three days in a row, which I haven’t done since September. Short runs, mind you, but runs nonetheless. And, while I still feel the ITB, it is not wincing pain.

Shoveling 12” of snow off our driveway this evening provided quite the diversion from running. It somehow felt better to consider it “cross training.” I’ll have another 4-6” to do in the morning…so I guess that will be another “workout,” eh??

Persevere…snow or no snow.

PS. Thanks to Michelle for katching mi tipo in the furst vershun of this postt!


Backofpack said...

I have to know...is "teech" at typo or a local colloquialism that I don't know?

Very good on the planning ahead, now, except for the shoveling, you can relax and enjoy the snow (hah!).

Wes said...

Keep on persevering! You not only have to be smart, you have to run the right amount to allow it to heal. I think you are doing awesome. Keep up the good work, and use some of that snow time to cuddle and stay warm...

Jodi said...

Shoveling is a great cross training activity! At least, that's what I'm telling myself, because I have a hell of a lot of it to do today....



Darrell said...

Maybe you could borrow Shoreturtles snow blower.

Sarah said...

Shoveling snow is definitely a workout! I hope you can get a chance to enjoy the snow too. : )

teacherwoman said...

I would definitely be considering shoveling as a form of "cross-training"! I hope the snow is nice and doesn't cause too much havoc for everyone!