Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Taper Time

ORN: Sunday: 5.8 miles, with 5 at 9:28
Tuesday: 5 miles, easy
Wednesday: 6.4 miles, with last 2 hard

Saw a local running pal on the trail this morning. She asked how close I was to the marathon. When I told her I was just starting my taper, she bubbled in her New Zealand accent "Oh, the taper! My very favorite part of running!"

Yep, that's where I find myself now, amazingly. After the 21 miler on Saturday, the schedule called for 5 at mp on Sunday. I never was comfortable with my earlier-proposed 9:20 mp, so dropped that to 9:30 and that feels better. I did the 5 at 9:28 and, coupled with the fun 21 miles the day before, I'm feeling a lot better about the marathon preparation.

Now we taper. Hard to believe I'm closing in on the second marathon but I am. The weather is improving (read "cooler") and, other than the Cubs having the worst record in the NL right now, life is good.

Persevere. Even when life isn't so good.


Darrell said...

Just over two weeks to go! Can you believe it? Stay healthy and rested and enjoy all the hard work that got you here.

9:20, 9:30 either gets you to a PR and more importantly to the finish line. You'll figure it out.

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear the 21 miler went well and you are in taper mode. I feel like I am just beginning my training, but after this week will cut back my mileage more next week and for marathon week as well. Hopefully I can get to the start line well rested and properly prepared as much as I can be. I am trying to work on some details of a possible lunch time Saturday meet up where maybe we can hit the expo and go out for lunch afterwards so I will keep you posted about that.