Wednesday, September 06, 2006


ORN: 8.3 miles, no watch

One of the side benefits to running mid 9 minute miles is the ability to take in the surroundings...I'm sure not blowing past them. This morning was particularly wonderful.

It was in the mid 50s at 5am when I went out for the mid-week long run. Very still and quiet. My 8 mile route takes me past two wetland/bog areas and both were full of life this early. Geese were just waking up. A heron skimmed the shallow water, just inches off the surface, it's seemingly ungainly body while standing transformed into a graceful, effortless flying machine. A box turtle sat on a rock then seemed to jump into the water as I approached.

More amazing today was the temperature changes with very minor elevations changes. Very surprising here in the flatlands of northern Indiana but it was striking today. As I went down just a few feet and ran next to the water, the temperature dropped perceptibly. "Climbing" back out of the shoreline run, the temps rose. Near the other bog, with less water, the collected fog from the cool night clearly lowered the temperature again.

The absence of wind allowed for these variations and it was fascinating to run in and out of, to experience and sense in the flesh.

A nice run during the last big week of marathon prep. One to remember in the cold harsh days of February.


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Darrell said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful run. I'm actually looking forward to February, but can't image running in the Midwest in the middle of winter. I'm so spoiled.

Are you still considering Tecumseh? I've been checking airfares lately. They don't seem too bad right now. I think this would be a fun one to do. Let me know. #8 sounds good to me.