Tuesday, September 15, 2015

An atypical sports fan

So, this afternoon, three professional sports teams I follow all played important games, simultaneously.  And the teams says something about me. 

The Chicago Cubs were in Pittsburgh for a big game vs the Pirates.  Not a surprise there.  

But, in the European Championship League (this is soccer), Manchester City hosted Italian powerhouse Juventus.  And, their rivals, Manchester United, traveled to Holland to play PSV Eindhoven. Yes, I really like English football/soccer.  

Through the wonders of text alerts, I could follow all three games while at work.  

And all three lost by one... Pirates over the Cubbies 5-4, Juventus topping Man City 2-1 and ManU upset by PSV by the same score. 

Did anyone else follow these same three games today??  

Yeah, it says something about me, but I'm not quite sure what.  

Persevere.  Even when you lose by one. 


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