Monday, August 01, 2011

Upcoming Race Schedule

ORN:  too hot to run

Boy, is it hot...this takes a toll on mileage, just as the bitter cold of winter knocks down the miles.  But, we persevere and looking forward to fall racing is one way to keep rolling along.  The schedule had been in a lot of flux but recently all fell into place, quite nicely.  Here's a rundown of my plans.

This Saturday, August 6, I'll run the Planet Adventure Half Marathon in Indianapolis.  This is a trail half on some narrow, technical trails in a wetland area on the NW side of Indy.  A new race for me, it should be fun.  The weather is set to be well into the 80s as the race progresses.  But I don't have a time target, just want to enjoy the outing and get in a total of 18 miles for the day...because my next race is on 

Sunday, August 21 is the America's Finest City Half-Marathon, in San Diego (which is, according to the local Chamber of Commerce, "America's Finest City"...hubris??).  This will be a treat and was late in happening.  It will be a fun chance to run again with my nephew and good friend John.  He raves about this race.  The race filled up before I could register in June but I got a break and found an allowed way to transfer in.  My sister lives in SD as well and so it will be a great family time as well.  

Labor Day, September 5, will be a nearby race,  Blueberry Stomp 15K in Plymouth, Indiana.  I ran this race about 5 years ago.  I like the distance and the timing fits well for the fall schedule. 

On Sunday, October 2 is the first marathon of the season, the Planet Adventure Heritage Trail Marathon.  I'll never find a more local marathon...the start line is a mere 6 miles from my house.  It runs along the Wabash River on trails, river bank, roads and rocks.  

Saturday, October 22 is another local race, the Adams Mill Half Marathon in little Flora, Indiana (home of the famous Hog Jog).  It's a first year race and being local and in good timing, falls out nicely for me.  

Saturday, November 12 will have me running the Veteran's Marathon for the second year in a row in Columbia City, Indiana.  I really enjoyed this race a year ago.  If all works well, I may go for a hard run in this event.  Surely it will cool off by November??  

I'm not sure what December will hold...I'm debating between repeating two races I've done before...the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL on Dec 12 or the HUFF 50K on Dec 19.  

January could have some exciting news but I'm not sure and not ready to announce it yet.  

So, that's what the next few months hold.  As my wife likes to say, smiling, "Planning is half the fun for you, dear."  Yep, she's right.




john said...

Joe, looking forward to the AFC race.. and yes, we have just a bit of self-importance with the local slogan! Might as well, since we've never had a major sports team win anything!

David Haywood said...

Looks like I am going to do Rocket City again. Come join the fun in Huntsville.

David Haywood said...

Looks like I am going to do Rocket City again. Come join the fun in Huntsville.

Sarah said...

Yes, planning IS half the fun. :-) Looks like a great schedule. I just signed up for a half marathon...haven't done one of those in years.

Wes said...

me lurves planning as much as me lurves digits. If you come back to Rocket City, I'm SHERPA-ING!


Darrell said...

A rocket city reunion - how fun! I'm a little bummed I'll have to miss it. I can't wait to start planning again, but I do have that Hollywood Half Marathon next year already on the books.