Friday, July 01, 2011


As long-time running pal Michelle recently reported, sending a son off to military service is quite a parental moment.

Thursday, our youngest son Matt headed east, where he begins his Army active duty service next Wednesday at Ft. Lee, Virginia. It was time. And it was also a poignant moment, to give him a hug and see him drive off.

We felt no different than any parent, in any generation, has felt in seeing offspring head out to serve. If I'm not willing to let my kid serve, why should I expect every other parent to have his/her kid serve? It's a key question to me, as a parent, as a citizen.

So, off he went. A moment of joy and pride and realization that all three of our sons are now "launched".




Backofpack said...

Dang, you made me tear up again! Three boys out in the world, with a solid foundation and parents to watch over them. Ideal. So does ROTC mean no boot camp? By the way, we heard from Riley today - all is well! He called to get info for his security clearance. Love that boy!

Darrell said...

Very cool. I'm grateful for young men like your son. You've all done well.

Sarah said...

That has to be bittersweet. Safe travels to him!