Monday, June 13, 2011

How to finish a marathon: Get to the start line

ORN: 5.2 miles, 4/1, slow and easy.

I received in the mail today the 200+ page listing of the Chicago Marathon results from last October. While most of the pages were ads or small-font listing of results (I was deep in the mud on page 103, finisher # 30,127!), one set of facts was quite fascinating to me:

• 45,000 people officially registered for the race
• 38,132 people crossed the starting line (84.7% of registrants)
• 36,088 people crossed the finish line (94.6% of the starters)

Given that registration for this race sold out 7-8 months before race day, these numbers says to me that merely signing up for a race does not mean you will run it. Too many things can happen and get in the way.

But, if you can get yourself to the starting line, you have a very good chance of finishing...even in very warm conditions like this race.

Perhaps good encouragement for folks wanting to know how to finish a marathon...get yourself to the start, uninjured, first and foremost.




Sarah said...

So true! Just showing up (for your training as well as the race) is half the battle.

Darrell said...

For sure. There's only been 2 marathons that I DNS'd due to injury. All the rest if I got to the start I made it to the finish. Not always gracefully, but I got there.

Based on page numbers you are pretty firmly middle of the pack. ;-)