Saturday, August 21, 2010

A long run success

ORN: 22.0 miles, R/W 3/1, 4:10:09, 11:23/mile

Last winter, I showed you some photos of my favorite running route in the midst of Indiana snow and cold. I also promised you a view of the same spots when it turned green.

Winter, near Morehouse Road

Summer, near Morehouse Road

Winter, near McCormick Road

Summer, near McCormick Road

Quite amazing how the same turf can seem so cold and dead, only to be vibrant and alive a few short months later. We have extremes here in Indiana...these photos capture both ends.

Two weeks ago, I ran past these spots on what turned out to be a really lousy 22 mile run. Post-run cramps were severe. You gave me some great counsel, though!! I re calibrated, got back on the horse, and went out for another 22 mile run this morning. And it went great.

A couple of things were different and contributed. I focused on hydration, starting the day BEFORE the run. I scrapped my usual Diet Cokes on Friday and focused on water and teas, hoping to get all my cells "plump" with water before I started. Then, I ate more before I ran, combining some proteins, cheese with a banana before I even headed out the door. During the run, I started drinking water earlier and kept up the pace, taking in over 80 oz of water during the 4 hours on the road. I also stashed four more bananas along my routed...they sat well. I'm really liking them, instead of just the sweetness of a Gu pack. Also, the weather was in the low 70s for the whole run. 90+% humidity but low, heavy cloud cover with drizzle for the last couple of hours. The lower temperature and lack of sun was a real plus.

I was able to hold the 3/1 run/walk for the whole distance and felt strong at the end. I could have clearly run 4.2 miles further today. I soaked in a cold tub of water afterwards with no cramps, no yelling, no pain and no hassles. A very good run.'s something from the "Gee, you don't see that every day" department.

To get all the miles in, I added a loop through the heart of Purdue's campus. Classes start Monday, so the place was lively with students moving in and the ones already there happy they had not flunked any tests yet.

As I ran down Waldron Street, I heard singing. Odd, at 9:00am on a Saturday morning. I noted it was coming from the Phi Mu Sorority house. Well, as I slowly got near the house, the front door swung open and out came a line of girls, gussied up in very nice summer dresses, walking in single file, while other girls, in the house, kept singing. Not only were they walking in single file, but each girl was in an identical "fashion model" type walk...left hand on her stomach, right hand out in the air. Out they walked, turned around at the end of the sidewalk and then back into the house, like a fashion runway.

I am not making this up.

I got laughing as I ran by. Shoot, it is 9am on a Saturday and these are college kids? Doing this, for some reason? It was a hoot. I started clapping as I ran by, it was so funny. A couple of girls saw me and I got this look from them: "Yeah, this probably does look dumb, doesn't it? Hope you don't know my Dad." And the singing continued.

I never did the fraternity this probably has deep meaning. But I didn't get it, though I did see it.

So, persevere. But do avoid the high-fashion walk...I don't think it helps a lot.



Darrell said...

Too funny about the Phi Mu girls. Too bad they weren't handing out kisses like the Wesley girls in Boston.

I got the share the trails this morning with the Santiago HS cross country team. So cool to see them so lean and making it look so effortless.

Wes said...

not cold and dead... just a different kind of purty :-)

Glad to hear that your follow up 22 miler went well! You nailed the hydration and nutrition.

and Darrell, if they WERE handing out kisses to sweaty runners, I don't think Joe would tell!

Sarah said...

As someone who works on a college campus, I can confirm that you'll see some odd things in that setting!

Glad you had a good run!

zbsports said...

Wow great post there. Great job!!