Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Long Training for the Whole Fall...Done!

ORN:  23.8 miles, R3/W1, 4:32:13, 11:   /mile
Today was the last long training run for the Heart of America Marathon.  Due to the sequencing of the fall marathons, it is also the last long training run I'll do on our local roads until late November. 
And there wasn't a lot really memorable.  I simply started early and kept running.  Temperatures were set to be well over 90 today here, so I walked out the door at 5:45 and got home around 10:30am.  I held the 3/1 ratio through the first 22 miles, but backed off to a 2/2 at the end.  The heat got intense and I was pretty well ready to be done. 
Only two really interesting stories; one odd, one funny.  The odd one occurred at mile 3, still before sun up.  I was moving down a dark street when a dog came running out of a garage at me.  He chased me a while, jumping, nipping around my elbows, as I just tried to keep going.  His owner walked into the street and tried, meekly to get Brio to come back, which he did after a block or so.  Not my idea of fun.  But then I hit one of my turn around points and was back in front of Brio's house again 10 minutes later.  By then, with more light, I could see it Brio was a lab or lab mix, still a puppy and just playing.  That helped.  But why do dog owners assume their unleashed dogs don't bother others? 
The funny story happened around mile 21.  I saw a lady I know enough to recognize but don't know her name.  She was walking her dog (on a leash!!) and, remembering she has seen me running before, asked "So how far do you run?" 
I said "It varies...but today I'm doing 23."
A long pause, with a puzzled look.  "Miles?"
"Yeah, miles.  I like to run."
"Well, doesn't that take you all day to do that much?"
"Actually, I'm almost done...heading home, only 3 more."  (it was not yet 10am at the time)
I hope I can talk to her more...but it was a little hard for her to fit together. 
Stats on the run.  I drank 95 oz of water ( 21 oz/hour), a little low, I think on such a hot day.  I took one Salt Stick per hour and ate 3 Gu's.  All of this was on top of one slice of bread and butter.  I could have used some more calories, I'm thinking.  But no cramping or nausea at the balance must have been OK. 
Three weeks now to HOA Marathon.  It could well be just as hot and muggy as it was here today.  So, this was good prep.  I will use a 2/1 there, though...they have hills, we don't. 


Darrell said...

Nicely done. It is funny how non-runners just can't quite grasp the concept of running 22 or 23 miles. It is just beyond comprehension to most.

Heat and hills I can do most anytime I want. Humidity is a little harder to come by. As I recall Rocket City was a muggy one and I didn't suffer too badly.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job, Joe. The last long one is in the books. What a feeling. Enjoy the taper.

Sarah said...

That's nice when you can sequence your marathons so they become the long run for the next one.

Backofpack said...

I got the same response today for just 10 miles! Good luck with all that heat - hope it's cooler for you on race day. Look forward to seeing you in Portland!

Mike said...


Great run! My last long one is this Saturday for Dayton on Sept 19. I am a big dog lover but I can not stand it when they chase me down. Last year I spent 15 miserable minutes on the roof of car till an appeared to lead away his roaming pit bull. Take care