Monday, June 22, 2009

Forget trying to be profound

ORN: Saturday; 5km time trial, 27:15...ugly.  6.3 miles total
In my mind, I often have deep, sweeping, profound, erudite, life-changing pearls of wisdom to write on this running blog.  Pithy yet substantive prose at which many will marvel.
And then I sit down to compose and it looks pretty vanilla. 
So, shoot, I'll just keep telling a simple story of running and leave it at that.  Suffice it to say, I had some profound moments at the Sunburst Marathon two weeks ago, some great memories of my Dad and some very wonderful thoughts of my sons serving in the Army.  But, to tell the stories, well, it's flat.  So, be happy with me I had a good time and we'll just call it good.
The legs are starting to come back, two weeks after the marathon, but not fully.  The deep summer humidity we have each year here has set in, though, complicating the recovery.  My run last Saturday just didn't work all that well in the heat.  But I got the miles in.
For the next three days, G and I are on a brief anniversary getaway (34 years!!) to South Haven, Michigan.  Hope to run all three days on the Kal-Haven Trail, a rail to trail path, 34 miles long. 
The fall plans are also taking shape...will post those soon.


Wes said...

Happy anniversary! Have a great trip!!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Happy Anniversary---Enjoy the getaway. Also Joe thanks for the support with my son going into the Army--I will be in touch.

Backofpack said...

Happy Anniversary Joe! I love to read about the long ones - reaffirms my faith in marriage. There are way more long-term marriages out there than we think, we just don't hear of them like we do the divorces. Congratulations on a successful partnership!

Darrell said...

The Sunburst moments will be yours forever, enjoy them.

Happy Anniversary and enjoy your time away together.