Saturday, March 21, 2009

Updated Race Plan

ORN:  10.3 miles, 1:42:47, 9:59/mile R6/W1
Boy, it is nice to finally get some better weather to run in.  I mean it's all well and good to slog through the winter and feel tough and disciplined and long-term-viewish.  But that's simply a necessary mental game to keep one running during December, January and February in the Midwest.  What we really want is a day like today. 
Sunny, 53, with a slight breeze from the southwest.  Sweet.  Had 6 miles on the plan; that seemed far too short on such a beautiful day.  So, I did 10.  I pushed the pace of my run segments to 9:30 (no, I'm not Kenyan) and it felt fine.  Icing on the cake, I got home in time to watch Purdue advance to the Sweet Sixteen with a nice win over Washington out in Portland. 
With the ITB pain I fought after the Memphis Marathon all cleared up, I've altered my spring race plan.  Next Saturday, I'm running the Sam Costa Half Marathon in Indy.  This is a traditional season opener in this area and will be my fourth time participating.  It has two big loops, one around a large gravel pit, the second through high-end homes in Indy's lovely suburban Carmel.  It'll be interesting to see how many for-sale signs are out.  I'll have a report next week. 
I'm also thinking about a couple of other races coming up, while reminding myself my race appetitite can get bigger than my stomach. 


WADDLER26.2 said...

It was a great day. Glad you got out ,Joe! I am heading for the Prairie path today with Snips. Our turn around will be in Wheaton.

Wes said...

That is some good running weather and well thought out planning! I sure enjoyed riding my bike in those temps yesterday!!!

Backofpack said...

It IS GOOD that spring is here!

I know what you mean about that race appetite. I'm way over my limit when it comes to that - but we should be glad it's an appetite for something so healthy and good for us!

Good luck this weekend!

Darrell said...

Can we chalk that extra 4 miles to Spring Fever?

Will you be marathon ready in 3 weeks? How cool to even be thinking about it. I love doing those kinds of things.