Saturday, February 28, 2009

Catching Up

ORN: 11.4 miles, R4/W1, 1:57:24, 10:18/mile

Lately, running has been good while blogging has been bad.

I'm just really enjoying running right now, in almost a new sort of way. The ITB and ankle pain that bugged me through December and January has cleared up. Winter weather is rotten but I'm just running for the simple joy of the run. It is great to just go out the door and run. I do have a bit of a plan but mostly it is just focused on safely ramping up the miles so I can comfortably get to doing consistent 20 mile weekend runs. I only have a couple of races on my mind for the spring and if they happen or don't happen, I'm fine.

And this is kind of cool. Just getting out and spending the time alone, in the cold, hearing the early-returning birds sing (asking each other just why they came back so early, I'm guessing) and thinking through the day. Very cool.

But there has been little time for blogging or commenting on blogs. Please don't take my absence from your blog comment stream personally. Keeping a manufacturing operation going in this economy is no small task. Yet we are seeing some success. There's lots of tough news out there but it ain't all bad, folks. Treating customers and employees with respect, innovation and quality makes a difference.

We also threw in a brief vacation trip to the West Coast, visiting my sister and BIL in San Diego. You can read about it here. Man, was it nice to run in sunshine and warm temperatures. A treat was running 10+ miles with nephew John around Lake Mirmar just north of SD. Great conversation, great running.

And the other highlight was getting to connect with running buddy Darrell and his wife in scenic Temecula for breakfast last Saturday. What a treat to get together, meet Lisa for the first time and have the four of us connect widely. I do think our wives were also grateful we only touched lightly on running over the 90 minutes together! Oh, and if you ever see "sweet potato pancakes" on a menu, order them...very yummy.

Lisa, Darrell, Gretchen, Joe

Life does go on. And, in it all, we persevere.


Shilingi-Moja said...

Glad you found an almost new joy in running. Except for the elites who do it for the money, joy is the best reason for running and the best motivator.

Darrell said...

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your vacation to share some food and converation in Temecula. I'm glad you finally got to meet my partner in crime. I kinda like her!

As much as I would like to be planning state #14, I'm enjoying being right where I'm at right now with running; slowly building back up to marathon condition. All in due time I suppose.

Backofpack said...

Joe, I know what you mean - I've been bad about blogging too. How cool that you got to visit Darrell again, and that your wives got to meet too. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

Wes said...

I love that you are living large! (and I'm not talking about spending money) :-) Great pic! and I'm not the least bit jealous... OK... A little ;-)

David said...

I think RBF meet-ups are better than most every other social activity.
Enjoy that freelance running.