Saturday, January 19, 2008


ORN: 5 miles, R5/W1

The sunshine was invigorating. A bright blue sky stretched from horizon to horizon here on the flatlands. It was a great Saturday morning to get in a run.

Of course, I saw all of this from the warmth of my house. I knew better. Clear blue sky in Indiana in January means bitter cold. The thermometer said 9. The wind chill was between 5 and 10 below. But I was antsy for a run, so out I went. With my temperature chart providing guidance on what to wear, I layered up and went out.

It actually was quite nice, once I got a couple of miles under my belt. The run was uneventful. And, I have to admit, part of the fun of running on a day like today is looking at the shocked faces of people in cars staring at me. With no touch of pain or discomfort in the right knee.

My wife also demonstrated that she truly loves me. I got home and asked her to come out and snap this photo. I was warm…she had been warm. She did it anyway. Thanks, hon.



Wes said...

Crazy, I'd say ;-) Who am I kidding? I'll be out there in it tomorrow! Of course, I'm not in Indiana!!

Darrell said...

At first I wondered how you got the picture since I could see the mailbox/tripod in shot.

Of course your knee didnt' hurt. It was numb from the cold, LOL!

Sarah said...

Brrr! I guess I won't feel so bad on Monday when our wind chill is supposed to be 22 (for the high).

crossn81 said...

you are a better man than I. I had planned on running outside but the -11 temp with something like -21 wind chill made me a little leery!! Good job on braving the elements. I was thinking that your legs shouldn't have hurt at all since they were getting an ice bath while you were running!!!

Mary Gee said...

What a great running outfit! I have the obligatory yellow jacket too. Nice of your honey to come outside to snap your picture for us.

Backofpack said...

You are one tough runner Joe! I think it's great you got out there anyway.

Work kept me busy the last few days, then the race, so I missed the previous post. You have a beautiful family - it's so great you are all together!

robtherunner said...

You set out to prove that there is no weather bad enough to run. Nice of your wife to come out and snap the picture.

Glad to hear there was no knee pain.

David said...

The only way I'd be out in that is if the forecast was not any better for the next two days. Given that the forecast was the same or worse, I would join you. I admire your Army shorts which I am sure did not come from the discount store :)
I went back to look at your table for temps and decided I underdress compared to your chart in the range of temps I deal with (35-55F).