Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I am a runner...a tagged runner

ORN: 5 miles, R9/W1, with 4x 200 m accelerations

Sarah recently tagged me to describe why I am a runner. I’m game, Sarah…here goes!

I am a runner because:

Running is a year-round activity for me. Even in rotten Indiana weather.

I have a chart called
Dress for Winter Running Success to know what to wear in all the rotten Indiana weather. And I use the chart. And it is taped next to our shower. And my wife loves me anyway.

I have a running blog, which preserves my loving wife from having to endure unending blather about running.

I have painted little marks on curbs around my neighborhood to indicate each half mile on my running routes.

I plan races a year in advance.

I put the weather in the next race’s town on my Yahoo home page.

I mark my running shoes with little dots to identify each pair so I can rotate them correctly.

I use the word “only” in front of the words “a half marathon.”

I look forward to using the word “only” in front of the words “a marathon.”

I can pronounce “iliotibial band syndrome” correctly, describe it succinctly and don’t giggle when I say it.

I recognize other local runners by their gait not their faces.

I think about how to keep running in a proper perspective with respect to the other main areas of my life; family, faith, work, community.

Most of all, I am a runner just because I run.

How about you?? If you’d like to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.



David said...

All good reasons. I run because that is the nature of man; a hunter who outlasts his quarry, runs it to ground and brings home the bacon, Baby.

Backofpack said...

I love it Joe! I think you are very fortunate to have a wife who loves you despite all those little running quirks.

Wes said...

and there I was thinking we all just had a screw loose somewhere ;-)

Darrell said...

Some very good ones here, Joe.
I can especially relate to id'ing runners on the gait well before you can make out their faces.

Sarah said...

Those are good ones! : )

Karen said...

You'll have to explain to me about the dots on the shoes and rotation pattern. The photos was, well, kind of cute!

I'm not a runner but I do have dots on the bottoms of my navy blue shoes so I don't mix the black and blue ones of similar style when grabbing them from the closet!

Your sister who might share some of these quirky things!!

robtherunner said...

Great list, Joe! No doubt you're a runner through and through. I like the dot idea on the back of the shoes. I have 1's and 2's on the back of mine.