Thursday, April 26, 2007

Drizzled Intervals

ORN: 5.0 miles, w/ 7x800m @ 4:12

It felt very Portland-esque this morning to go run in drizzle, mist and 52F temperatures. Fitting, perhaps, that I wore my Portland Marathon shirt as I plodded through the dark. The schedule called for 7x800m intervals today at 4:30. I found that I ran them comfortably at an average of 4:12 and felt good after the last one. So, I’ll leave that as my 800m target. I have a bunch more on the plan between now and Sunburst, the first target race of the year.

Between now and then, some more fun here. Saturday’s long run is 16 miles…can’t wait to get after that. Then, a week from Saturday, I get together with 30,000 of my closest friends to run the biggest half-marathon in the US in Indianapolis. I’m treating that as a training run. I’m also seriously considering running it in a sombrero, considering it happens on Cinco de Mayo.

Major shout outs to friends this weekend. My daughter-in-law Susan is walking the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville (where else could it be?) on Saturday. This is her first attempt at a race of any kind. We sat at supper last night and she peppered me with questions about hydration, how to drink from a cup while walking and other epic topics that bored the rest of the family to tears.

Then, on Sunday,
Darrell lets it all hang out at the Eugene Marathon. Good luck, Darrell, I hope your cold clears up by then. Along with him, blogging buddies Michelle, Jenny, Sarah, Rob and others are also running. Enjoy your time, folks, have a great race.



Wes said...

Nice intervals, Joe. I was wondering if I should wear a sombrero on my tri? LOL. I think I'll settle for a Corona after the race :-)

Backofpack said...

Thanks Joe! Say hi to those 30,000 friends for me. And tell your daughter-in-law best of luck from blog-land!

Sarah said...

Thanks Joe! Good luck with your 16 miler. : )

Darrell said...

I missed the drizzle, bummer. I came all the way to Indiana and got a beautiful sunny day when I could have had drizzle. I feel cheated.

Thanks for the well wishes at Eugene. The cold lingers on and I haven't run a mile since Sunday.

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

I say go for the sombrero!!! So festive! Good luck with your long run and thanks for the encouragement from afar!