Saturday, March 24, 2007

Springtime. Finally, springtime

ORN: 10.5 miles, 1:47:29, R4/W1, 10:12/mile

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris.
I wonder where the flowers is?

Winter released its icy grip on central Indiana this week and it was a joy to run in the mid-60s. I got laughing around mile 7 as I remembered the little ditty above. My
younger sister Anne and I used to say this over and over, to our great hilarity and causing Mom to question whether her love of education had any impact whatsoever.

Some signs of springtime in Indiana:

  • Worms. Between melting snow and the three inches of rain we’ve had in the last 24 hours, our clay-based soil is very waterlogged. So, the worms crawl out to get some air on the hard surface of our West Lafayette Trails. I tried to be careful, but it was not a good day to be a worm.
  • Litter. Pretty much a winter’s worth. As the snow melts, it all becomes visible. We’ll work on it.
  • People running. Where were they all winter?? Maybe on the treadmill. Maybe on the couch. Good to see them out now.
  • Friends to talk to. The best part. I saw long-time friends Dick and Marilyn. Now both over 80 years old, they walk the trail every Saturday, picking up litter. They are buoyant in spirit and active in body. I wanna grow old like them.
  • I saw Charlie, who was running. Found out that the plant manager at his facility died of a sudden heart attack two weeks ago. 52 years old, high blood pressure, stressful job. Dropped dead at an airport. “So, you’re running now?” I asked. He simply nodded. Good for you, Charlie.
  • I saw work colleague Cary and his wife Jennifer. Well, actually, I saw Jennifer first. Cary was lagging. They are both training for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon on May 5, as am I. Jennifer loves running. Cary loves his wife. So, with that arrangement, they run together. Made for some good laughs. I’ll hear more on Monday.

My own run went well. Not a single twinge from my ITB. It is really a gift to be able to run…I am more aware of that than ever.

I’m doing work on my 2007 goals and plans now…will share more later.

A big shout out to two friends of this blog who are running the ING Atlanta Marathon tomorrow. David, of
Adventures in the Thin Trade is doing the full 26.2. Wes, of A Code Geek's Tail, is doing the half marathon. Run well, men!!

Persevere. Even on a spring day, when it is a little easier to do.


Wes said...

Wow! You are making great strides in your recovery. Still doing the R4/W1 too. That's really cool. That's what I like to do on my short runs, but 10.5 is oresome :-) Thanks for the shout out!!

Backofpack said...

The worms are out here too. I have a whole litany of questions about worms...where are they going? Do they travel in packs? What about their little worm babies? Do they just abandon them? And curbs, how do worms handle the curbs? Do they flop down, tail-over-head, tumbling till the reach the road? Or do they slime down, sticking to the curb as they go? Once they get on the road, what do they think? Do they wonder where the dirt has gone? Do they feel like they are lost in the Sahara? And if they get to a puddle, then what? Do they swim? Do they drown? How many worms actually make it across the road and live to do it again?

I've stunned many a running partner with my worm questions. I don't know if they're stunned because of the random way my mind works or because they realize that they don't know the answers...Eric just shakes his head at me...

Darrell said...

It was so encouraging to see that 10.5 number up there. I'm very happy for you.

Your New Orleans trip sounds overwhelming yet satisfying. This week is Global Outreach at church and they showed a montage of picture from past trips. There were many photos from my India group. That really made me want to get back there.

And on a lighter note, I have heard of thermometers, but who needs one in CA. It's almost always cool ~60, just right ~70 and too darn hot-anything over 80. The thermometer could be broken for weeks and I'd never even know it.

Congrats again on the running progress and enjoy the moderate spring weather.

Anne K. said...

Joe, I burst out laughing when I saw your intro. I was thinking of that very little ditty this afternoon as Dan and I were out for a neighborhood walk, enjoying the birds and all that speaks of spring here in NY today.

So, as an homage to our silliness, I offer you this 2007 version:

Spring has sprung, Joe's on the mend;
His ITB, it now can bend!

Love you!


robtherunner said...

It's good to hear that the ITB is being good to you. I enjoyed the springtime report and hopefully you didn't squish too many worms along the run.

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

I love to look for the signs of Spring this time of year. I can't wait for the tulips to bloom!
So glad to hear your IT is not bothering you!
Hope there's no sneezes coming your way once Spring is in full bloom as there will be for me!

Sarah said...

Just in from a gardening session and saw loads of worms too! Good to hear the ITB is still cooperating. : ) Looking forward to seeing your 2007 running plans.

WADDLER26.2 said...

So glad that you're ITB is feeling good! Perfect timing with spring here. 10.5 miles-awesome!!!