Friday, December 01, 2006

Headin' out the door

ORN: Zero. Last rest day

It is 5:50am as I type this. By 3pm today, I'll be on my way to the Indy airport to pick up Darrell and we'll both head another hour south to checkin for Saturday's Tecumseh Trail Marathon.

A marathon in Indiana in December. Nuts.

As I sit here, the rain is pounding my windows. The temperature has hit its high for the day already at 39. We're supposed to have up to 3" of snow by late afternoon, with winds gusting to 45mph.

Which makes me thankful we're not running the race here, today.

We're running the race 2 hours south of here. Tomorrow. And the forecast for Bloomington calls for temps around 30 at the 10am start time, heading for 40 by early afternoon, with full sun and a mild wind of 5-10mph from the WSW. Much nicer.

Darrell is ready for the distance but worried about the weather. I'm pumped about the weather but worried about the distance. I suppose if we could combine the two of us, one would have a marvelous race and the other would crash and burn altogether. Better, let's hope we both enjoy the time. My ITB is responding well (it seems) to the rest, roller, stretching and quad strenthening work I've been doing. But how it will hold up over this distance remains to be seen.

But one thing's for sure. I will persevere.

Stay tuned for race reports and, hopefully, some pix.


backofpack said...

Joe, It's 5:06 am here - I'm getting ready to go to Pilates. I can't wait to hear how it goes! Here's hoping for mild weather and long distances run with ease. Good luck and have a great time running with Darrell!

Jodi said...

How exciting! You'll do great. Don't hesitate to stop early on in the race for some quick stretches. It could save you heaps of time at the end.

Good luck!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you!!! The weather does sound perfect. Good thing it's not here in Chicago. I wish you the best with the ITB-you've done all the right stuff :)

Wes said...

Sounds to me like the sum of you two is great than the individual parts. Good luck in your race, and kick butt gentlemen.

robtherunner said...

Don't know if you will see this, but good luck to both of you tomorrow. I look forward to the full report.

Sarah said...

I hope it was a great race for you both! Can't wait to read your report. : )

Darrell said...

Joe, the first couple of sentences of that last paragraph is almost a little too prophetic (scary). I definitely enjoyed my time with you in Indiana. Thanks a million for everything.